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Softline Mattress

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Introducing Safari Mattresses' Adore Series, featuring the luxurious Softline mattress, designed to provide the ultimate snuggly feel for a comfy night's sleep. Designed with a carefully curated combination of knitted jacquard, quilted fabric, high-density (HD) foam, and rebonded foam, the Softline mattress redefines the standards of relaxation and rejuvenation in the realm of sleeping mattresses.

Fabric Knitted Jaquard
Layer I Quilted Fabric
Layer II dD FOAM
Layer III ReBonded Foam
Layer IV Quilted Fabric
Assured Quality

Softline Matters

Safari’s Softline can make you indulge in the softness of the knitted jacquard fabric, ensuring a gentle embrace that contours your body. Best of all, enjoy the added benefits of moisture absorption and breathability, allowing for a sweat-free and tranquil sleeping experience. It also comprises PU Foam HD quilting which offers comfort and durability. Benefit from the resilient, springy action of the rebonded foam, expertly manufactured by Safari experts from recycled foam scraps, making it an eco-friendly choice. Not only does the Softline mattress provide unmatched comfort, but it also delivers healing orthopedic support, reducing back pain and ensuring correct spinal alignment. With its remarkable ability to withstand compression forces, the mattress boasts a significantly reduced sagging rate, promising years of unparalleled support and comfort. With Safari's Softline mattress, sleep on a cloud and experience heaven!

Customer Reviews

  • Arjun Patel

    27 Jun, 2021

    "I've never slept better since I got my Safari’s Softline mattress. It's incredibly comfortable and provides excellent support. I'm thrilled with my purchase."

  • Rajat Sharma

    15 Sep, 2023

    "I've tried many mattresses, but Safari’s Softline stands out. The attention to detail and superior comfort make it ideal for our restful night's sleep."

  • Priya Sharma

    10 Nov, 2023

    "Safari’s Softline mattress transformed my sleep experience! I wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning and enter my workplace feeling all fresh. Highly recommended!"

  • Garvita Singh

    7 Mar, 2023

    "I and my girlfriend had ordered their Softline mattress. Exceeded my expectations. The quality and contour are exceptional. It's like sleeping on a cloud."

  • Chitranshi

    19 Aug, 2023 at 2:30pm

    "Safari Mattresses are amazing. It's the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. I wake up feeling like a new person after sleeping on their Softline mattress."

Softline Mattress

  • Pressure Relief:

    Enjoy unparalleled joint comfort, ideal for managing back pain; perfect for side sleepers seeking optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief.
  • Joint and Muscle Pain:

    Discover ultimate joint support, alleviating muscle and joint pain for an active lifestyle; the ideal choice for those prioritizing health and well-being.
  • Ideal for Side Sleepers:

    Tailored for both right and left-side sleepers, a soft mattress ensures not only sound sleep but also minimizes postural disorders, fostering spinal health.
  • Lightweight Support:

    Specially crafted for lighter individuals, offering not only superior comfort but also firmness adjustments to cater to the varied preferences of young adults.
  • Temperature Regulation:

    Stay cool and comfortable throughout the night with a soft mattress engineered for optimal temperature regulation, promoting restful sleep.
  • Lasting Durability:

    Engineered for maximum comfort, easy portability, and extended lifespan, these mattresses resist sagging and allergies, ensuring a healthy sleep environment for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Softline mattress unique?

The Softline mattress is crafted with a combination of knitted jacquard, quilted fabric, high-density foam, and rebonded foam, ensuring a luxurious and rejuvenating sleep experience.

How does the Softline mattress contribute to a comfortable night's sleep?

The knitted jacquard fabric provides a gentle embrace, moisture absorption, and breathability, while the PU Foam HD quilting offers both comfort and durability.

Is the Softline mattress environmentally friendly?

Yes, the mattress features rebonded foam made from recycled foam scraps, making it an eco-friendly choice without compromising on quality or comfort.

What benefits does the Softline mattress offer for joint and muscle pain?

The mattress provides unparalleled joint support, alleviating muscle and joint pain, making it an ideal choice for those with an active lifestyle prioritizing health and well-being.

Who is the Softline mattress ideal for?

Tailored for side sleepers, the mattress ensures sound sleep, minimizes postural disorders, and fosters spinal health. It's also designed for lighter individuals, offering superior comfort with firmness adjustments.

Does the Softline mattress help with temperature regulation?

Absolutely, the mattress is engineered for optimal temperature regulation, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

How durable is the Softline mattress, and does it resist sagging?

Engineered for lasting durability, easy portability, and reduced sagging, the Softline mattress promises years of unparalleled support and comfort.

Does the Softline mattress address orthopedic concerns?

Yes, the mattress delivers healing orthopedic support, reducing back pain and ensuring correct spinal alignment for a more restorative sleep experience.