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Curious About Visco Mattresses? Here's What You Need to Know

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  • Curious About Visco Mattresses? Here's What You Need to Know

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Can you imagine that memory foam was developed to cushion space astronauts properly? Indeed, it was “one giant leap for mankind”. Today, the memory foam's miraculous properties have not only aided our astronauts on testing flights, but they are also assisting civilians in achieving the coveted 8 hours of deep sleep. Taking these very distinctive properties of memory foam, Safari Mattresses has rolled out our Safari Adore Visco Magic mattress. Sleepers with different sleep-dominating positions are in awe of this mattress. 

Understanding the Safari Visco Magic Mattress

Safari Visco comfort mattress is made of a thick polyurethane foam that returns to its original size and shape after being stressed, thanks to its elasticity. This is because memory materials often respond to pressure and heat together, which explains their distinctive feel. Due to their closely constrained nature, memory materials relieve pressure by equally distributing the weight over the surface and alleviating back and neck pain. Made out of knitted jacquard fabric for a comfortable sleep, this Safari mattress comes with 5 different layers comprising quilted fabric, HD memory foam, premium HD foam (HR), and rebonded foam. This foundational fabric has been engineered by our experts to fit the contours of the sleepers, giving them a snuggle motion absorption feeling. 

Get Enchanted by Safari’s Visco Magic!

Well, it’s not just the memory foam. Safari’s Visco mattress is loaded with myriads of enchantments. Check these out:

  • Helps with Stress Reduction. 

Visco foam mattress relieves pain and stress by applying pressure to your pressure spots. It keeps the body aligned and in good posture for sound sleep. It can accept various poses and recall your body form to provide sound sleep.

  • Anti-Allergic in Nature.

Dust accumulation causes several problems for modern mattresses. Many people can get coughing fits, watery eyes, and other symptoms if they are allergic to various types of mites. As opposed to spring mattresses, the Safari Visco memory mattress ensures no such dust enters the bed.

  • It’s Climate-sensitive.

As was already said, Visco Magic mattress mattresses are clever because they can control body temperature to promote restful sleep. They may occasionally be used with cool gel technology to maintain temperatures between 2 and 3 degrees.

  • It comes with High Durability.

Safari Visco mattress topper typically has a lifespan of 5 years. As a result of its scientific foundation, it is a sturdy substance, and it can withstand a lot of hardship without suffering significant damage. No fifth pointer is available for your request. It's commonly acknowledged that the Safari Visco comfort mattress has exceptional quality. 

  • Offers Extraordinary Pressure Relief.

Many people struggle to obtain a good night's sleep because their backs are under such intense tension that they frequently wake up in the middle of their sleep. With its 5-layered structure, the Safari Visco memory mattress removes the annoying stress that keeps individuals awake at night. While the soft foam fits over the shoulders and hips to keep them from sinking into the ground, the HD foam and memory foam give adequate support to the spine and the neck. As a result, the pressure points of your body ain’t triggered and you can sleep comfortably. 

So, your search to bring the coziest memory foam mattress home ends right now right here! Safari Visco Magic offers both comfort and convenience. Unbox a comfortable night's sleep today by placing your order with India's most popular and reliable mattress company at